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The New Local
Hamster's PC Repair

Using the power of the mind to fix what is broken in Columbia Missouri and surrounding Area's and possibly more by remote

Hamster's PC Repair, the only place to have cheap prices, with quality service and quality service parts, and a


WE LIKE OUR GAMES and we want you to enjoy your games as well.


Times May Vary
All times are in
Central Standard time

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PLEASE NOTE WE ARE A ONLINE Business ONLY we do not accept unsolicited traffic to our location or keep parts on stock BUT if you require a device to be worked on in house, PLEASE refer to the following page.

MOTTO: To prove you can have a PC business or ANY business with cheap prices with light overhead costs in a world that has become money greedy to bring back a since or RESPECT to the common person and a since of PRICE relief nobody has had in a long time. YES we want to make a profit BUT just a little profit because we want you, the common person, to be able to have a cheap RELIABLE PC repair business with Price payment plans that fit your budget

If you need device help, you can temporarily go to this link in our discord server hosted for the business. Hours can also be found here.

Want a free fix it tool made by us. Its very User friendly and VERY much can fix a MAGORITY of your possible issues. This can and will save you time and money and we are guessing that if your like us and want to save as much money as possible, PLEASE TAKE our free tool and try and save yourself some money. If this tool doesn't fix your problems then it is a MUCH BIGGER ISSUE than you think and needs to be taken to a PC store OR use our services. If you use our tool, we ask you give us a shot. After all, we would love to have you for business if the tool can't fix it easily for you as we know that even with this tool, there are some tougher things that the tool won't resolve. We just want to make sure you save as much money as possible in a world where everything is so expensive.

WARNING: The tool is currently being built and not ALL features are available yet.
PLEASE NOTE: This tool is going to be included in a NEW free tool .zip package for
anyone to have. ALL software is 100% freeware and NON bloatware

Free Star Citizen tool for those that play Star Citizen like me and all the bugs that come with it.

Star Citizen Referral Code:

How to redeem:

Go to the following link, SIGN IN FIRST AND FOR MOST, then copy and paste that code.

Click Here
This will also be included in the free .zip package

Dive Into the New Age of Local CHEAP PC Repair that cares more for the person and there finances that works with you with you budget


  • Maintenance on your device

  • Helping you get a new device

  • Website Design

  • Helping you build a custom PC as cheap as possible with potently long lasting hardware that isn't the cheapest, but isn't the most expensive ether.

  • Remote Support

  • FREE custom made tool to help you fix your WINDOWS device on your own.

  • BEST OF ALL, CHEAP PRICES and LOW COST with both quality service with quality parts that's not too cheep but not outrageously expensive ether.

  • Service fees unlike MOST PC businesses that go out of there way to charge you HIGH service fees as well as labor fees.

  • Payments via PayPal or Cash App for your privacy and Identity protection. 

What we are working on:

  • Looking into possible 3D printing

  • Looking into server hosting

  • Game development

  • Looking into device training or Software training

Windows, MAC,
Linux, Chrome OS

We do work on all these systems. HOWEVER if its Linux on Apple hardware or its Apple hardware in general we have to ship it to the company to get fixed if its a hardware issue as Apple is very Anti-Repair

PC Building Services

We ask you questions, I give you suggestions based on those answers to give you the best PC for your needs.

Remote Services

Wants to try to easily repair and need to try to get it fixed quickly, then try our remote services and we will see what we can do.

Windows Maintenance

You have issues with your PC but don't know how to fix it. Well it could be as simple as doing some maintenance on the computer to get it back up and running smoothly. Be warned though, Depending on how bad it is and what needs repaired, it could cost, but never fear I don't go expensive unless truly necessary.

Full Customer Experience Service

Need a PC or laptop but don't know how much it will cost. Then you can get our sales quote for only $5 and find out what it will cost you. All you have to do is answer some questions and the research is left up to the team.

We provide sales quotes on PC parts and custom built machines

Need a PC or laptop but don't know how much it will cost. Then you can get our sales quote and find out what it will cost you. All you have to do is answer some questions and the research is left up to the team.

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