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Due to the fact that we are a online business only for the most part, we understand that sometimes a device needs to be worked on in house. Well Like me, the owner, I work out of my home which is in city limits and rented. That means I have to follow my landlord and city regulations. Some of the outsource partners has then as well and one day I hope to open more local places in their cities. For now the ONLY in house is me in Columbia Missouri and so these are the regulations that you and I must follow to keep my landlord happy AND the city happy. ​


In short, these rules are made this way Specifically so there is no commercial business traffic in a non-business area so that it remains compliant with the city and my landlord.

The Device In House Rules ​

1. WE MUST schedule a pickup and drop off at a different location other than my home that we agree on to stay compliant with everything and everyone.

2. IT MUST be in a way that works for both of our schedules and my paid driver. Times and day coordination is required.

3. IF you are going to be late, I NEED TO KNOW preferably before the time of meet at specified location.

4. If you are not going to make it, please try and let me know at minimum 30 minutes prior to the meet up. I do have to pay someone to get a ride since I currently have no car, which I do hope to change with this PC biz.

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