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If you are hear for the hosts file,, I thank you for your support. For many years we have used the hosts file to ban hosts from connecting to your Desktop or Laptop. However with the advances of technology, that doesnt acually olve the problem that way anymore and causes more problems in todays time then its worth. BUT thats ok. At hamster's PC repair we strive to adapt with the times and invint new ways to do things that is onld and outdated. Now can't fix old school device repair or mantninace and that will never change. However, we can update methods that are old and outdated that can make thaty stuff happen faster, or in the case of the HOSTS file, a NEW MOTHOD to combat the age of technology. 

THat is where this file comes in. Not only is it a new way of handaling the HOSTS FILE, but tis also target the acual DIRECT IP's that the hosts go to so thosts hosts aren't just banned from connecting to your device, but if they do, they get almost instantly shut down because the HOSTS file is designed in a way to not just TARGET those spicific IP's to prevent IP changes by just blocking the host but also to give said IP/Host a red flag saying that the IP is invalid which tell them theres nothing there to connect to. Even though thats not true, this is how the hosts file works and it works both for blocking those pesky data miniers that are hidden on your device that you don't know about, but potentaly could eventually help protect yourself and game companies from the world of online cheating. As a gamer myself, I know what its like to be hella griefed so baddly because of some idiot with a cheat menu that shouldn't be allowed in online gameplay. My hope is to alos resolve that not just for the common person, but also game companies as a whole. So far its been SUPER effective in GTA, honestly almost a little too perfect at times, but then there are other times that it doesnt nessissarly work because I havent got the host or IP listed and blocked because I had missed it.

THAT is where I need the communities help. Since this is a NEW method that targets the DIRECT IP's of these hosts, and its for everyone common person or biz, that is where I could use the worlds help to help make this the ultimate HOSTS FILE that doenst just traget those pests but helpes almost permentaly prevent it since MOST IP's that are used for cheat menus, are basicly on the same exact device. If that IP is blocked on you end, then you could be potintally protected until a new IP with a diff or same menu shows up. Basicly is a HARD BLOCK and the only real way to really change the IP is to go through a hella process with your internet company. So really in the end that fight isn't worth it.

Some come join the club and help make this HOSTS file better for all. Im going to sound a bit cheezy here but,


LETS MAKE ONLINE GAMING FAIR AGAIN while protecting ourselves from the secret data miniers.

Dekstop and Laptop Devices ONLY. NOT RECOMENDED FOR MOBLE

If you didnt watch the video, the short version is:

- Download File
- Extract
- Open folder
- Right click Hosts.bat in the folder and run in administrator mode or just run the file. Should ask or just use adminmode by default as code was added to include it.
- Say yes to override anything if needed
- If it says it can't change anything due to it being in use, just re-run the file until that message does not apear.
- Restart you PC

If you have hosts to add, fill out form below. Make sure you are detialed.

- If is a website , then what website

- If a software, what software

- If its a game, what game.


Will be thoroughly tested if I or someone I trust has the software or game. Websites I can thoroughly test 100% myself

Updated once a week to once a month



IF for any reason you experience any issues with the host file, we do have a archive that you can re-download the last working release. You will need to report the issue immediately with as much details as possible. You can find that in the Host File Archive


WE DO NOT recomend doing this for moble. However, we know people are going to do so anywyas so for those that clearly don't care and will proceed anyway, here is a bit of help for you to get started. It's all you get and everything is ON YOU since you want to do something your technically not supposed to do as this file is meant for Desktops devices and Laptop devices ONLY.

For Android Host FIle location and how too, go to the following link.

For iPhone users

With a normal user using a iOS device, there is no access to system files at all. iOS is very protective of its system data.

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