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Our Mission

To provide a welcoming a friendly customer experience with each and every customer while providing a cheap way to be able to fix your device that is FAR LESS expensive than other PC repair companies of today. A fair price for the common person of today that is basically BROKE while providing quality service and quality parts were there not too cheep but not outrageously expensive ether

Our Story

We started out as friends and decided to team up when I, Curtis Herbold, wanted to bring a PC repair store back to our local area and not go like 2 hours to get it repaired. That is when Hamster's PC Repair was born.

First, I needed an accountant, because well, Im not that great with money so that when I recruited Serena O'Berry which also could double as a tech if needed but her main focus will be Accounting

Second, I needed someone to team up with me that knew the same amount I did, if not more in PC repair. That is when I asked Gary Lewis to join the team because he has helped me solve my own problems on occasions with my own PC so he became the Remote tech since he didn't live locally.

In the end they both agreed to be a part of the team and so we started Steam rolling to get things setup. If it wasn't for them, Hamster's PC repair would not have gotten off the ground so I am supper thankful for them to be a part of the team.


Experienced Leadership

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